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Parking Lot Stormwater Solution in Whitby Ontario

November 06, 20232 min read

Water management can be a complex challenge, especially when you have to deal with roofing overhangs and a limited drainage system. In Whitby, Ontario, Pavemar Paving took on a unique project that required seamless collaboration with eavestrough experts. Together, we crafted a solution that not only addressed roofing water management but also integrated it into the parking lot's drainage system. Let's dive into the details of this remarkable transformation.

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Stormwater Management for a Commercial Parking Lot | Pavemar Paving

A Roofing Water Challenge

Our client's building had a roofing drainage system with an abundance of spouts, but the water didn't drain beyond the sidewalk. This situation required a multifaceted approach to manage the water effectively, and that's where Pavemar Paving and eavestrough experts joined forces.

A Collaborative Solution

At Pavemar Paving, we understand the value of collaboration. We worked hand in hand with eavestrough professionals to develop a solution that connected the roofing water management with the parking lot's drainage system. This partnership allowed us to create a holistic approach that solved the problem at its source.

Roofing Integration

Our innovative solution involved the reconfiguration of the eavestrough system to direct water toward the parking lot's drainage system. This approach not only reduced water runoff but also ensured that the water was effectively managed, preventing overflow issues.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Our approach had the additional benefit of being cost-effective. By redirecting the roofing water to the parking lot's drainage system, we optimized the use of existing infrastructure, reducing the overall project costs. This approach aligned perfectly with our client's budgetary requirements.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our project demonstrated the power of comprehensive problem-solving. By addressing the roofing water management issue and integrating it with the parking lot's drainage system, we created a space that offered both functionality and efficiency.

Choose Pavemar Paving for Your Project

Whether you're dealing with complex water management issues or planning to upgrade your parking area, Pavemar Paving is your ideal partner. Contact us today, and let's explore how we can transform your space into a functional, efficient environment that caters to your unique needs. Our team is ready to tackle your challenges and turn them into success stories, just like our collaborative project in Whitby, Ontario.

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