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Residential Driveway Excavation in North York

September 01, 20231 min read

Midtown Toronto Driveway

Pavemar Paving Toronto Driveway Paving

Check out our latest instagram video where create this beautiful driveway.


Normally, residential driveway projects can be completed in under a day, however, once we removed the top layer of asphalt on this particular job we discovered a completely saturated gravel base.

So, we had to leave it to dry out for a few weeks and then complete the driveway once it solidified.

P.S. we didn't take any down payment for the project until the job was fully completed!

Please beware of fly by night contractors that ask for big down payments to remove your driveway...

Unfortunately, we get a bunch of calls from people who gave huge down payments to a contractor only to have their driveway removed and never completed.

Do your research, read reviews and work with people you trust.

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