What to Consider Before Paving a Parking Lot?

June 08, 20232 min read


Are you thinking about paving the parking lot of your office building or plaza? There are several things you need to factor in before you can start the project. So, what do you need to be thinking about? We'll go into everything in detail below. Keep reading to ensure you end up with a great finished parking lot!

1. Paving a Parking Lot: How Large Will the Lot Be?

Before you start paving a parking lot, you need to know the size of the area being paved. In some cases, this is easy to determine. For instance, if you're repaving a parking lot, you can measure the size of the existing lot. However, if you're putting in a new lot or expanding the current lot, you'll need to make sure you have the correct measurement.

2. Assessing the Subgrade Foundation

Did you know that paved parking lots aren't just made of a layer of asphalt? Parking lots feature subgrade foundations that are prepared before the asphalt is poured. Subgrades usually consist of packed soil, and a strong subgrade promotes proper drainage. A subgrade with poor drainage capabilities will cause your lot to wear away faster. You should hire professionals to assess your subgrade foundation and make alterations to it as needed.

3. What Kinds of Vehicles Will Drive Over Your Parking Lot?

Why would this matter, you ask. The weight of smaller vehicles (such as cars) doesn't impact the asphalt as much as larger trucks. For this reason, larger vehicles and trucks leave more wear and tear on the pavement. You'll need more asphalt layers if you anticipate heavy-duty trucks and machinery driving on it often.

4. What Time of Year Will Your Paving Project Start?

When it comes to asphalt application, timing is everything. This is especially true for people living in Canada because the onset of the snowy season brings precipitation. Water is the ultimate destroyer of asphalt. When you're paving a parking lot, it's best to do so under dry conditions. So, make sure you plan your project ahead of time.

5. What Types of Asphalt Do You Need?

When repaving a parking lot, you would want to select the grade of asphalt that can withstand the Canadian climate. Pavemar Paving can provide the right asphalt to fit your needs. Fine-graded is the best choice for many parking lots because it prevents moisture from seeping through.

Ready to Get Your Parking Lot Paved?

Now that you know what you need to consider before paving a parking lot, you're ready to start the project. Need a team to take care of your parking lot resurfacing or paving needs? We're here to help! Get a free quote from Pavemar Paving today!

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